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Love and care in every stitch!

When I started handmaking special items of clothing for my two young daughters I saw that a demand for these natural fabrics and timeless patterns was very much alive - even in this time of fast fashion and throwaway culture.

And so White Rose Creations was born in 2018 - with my kitchen table in County Mayo initially serving as the cutting room, drawing board and design hub.

Since then we have grown, but the focus on our core beliefs remains the same. We make clothes that are handmade with love, designed to last and be passed on and cherished.

We love our natural cottons and jersey fabric - old style designs with the popular Peter Pan collar and elegant but traditional dresses. And because they are designed by a mum, they are also hardwearing and often reversible! A more modern take is our popular harem pants and heavy cloth dribblers.

We like to accessorise and customise too - so let us know if there is something you would like to add your own twist to.

Thank you for choosing a product that is handmade, Irish and sustainable in it's production - we love that you care about those things as much as we do.

Grá mór, Siobhán x